António Teixeira is a Professor at Universidade Aberta in the Department of Education and Distance Learning (1991-present), and the Vice-President of EDEN – European Distance and E-learning Network, where he’s a director since 2008.

He’s also a researcher at the Centre for Philosophy of the University of Lisbon (2004-present), and collaborates with the Distance and E-learning Laboratory (LEaD) of the Portuguese open university, which he conceived and initially implemented.

He received his training in Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (MPhil – 1994, PhD – 2003) and in online education at the University of Turku (2004). Being an expert on online and distance education, has been teaching courses on ODL institutional governance and quality assurance systems, network education and educational ethics. But he also an expert on philosophy of art and aesthetics, teaching courses on museum education, philosophy of culture and philosophy of art and philosophy didactics. He’s the Vice-chair of the Program in Art Education at Universidade Aberta.

António Teixeira has participated in over fifteen international research projects, funded by the European Commission or the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, in several capacities (project manager, researcher or expert advisor), and is a member also of the e-ASEM network (Asia-Europe Meeting) and of the Expert’s Board of the Horizon Report for Iberoamerica. Additionally, he was a member of task forces on open educational resources, lifelong learning, virtual mobility and sustainable development at the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). He’s also a Vice-president at the Ad-Lucem Association, an independent organization responsible for a number of philosophy government-funded research projects in Portugal.

He’s also on the scientific or editorial board of several international journals in education (European Journal on Online and Distance Learning -Eurodl, Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento – RUSC, Revista de Enseñanza y Learning, Co-Learn, Formamente – International Research Journal on Digital Future and Higher Education Teaching and Learning) and also philosophy (Philosophy@Lisbon – Internacional eJournal and Arquipélago).

From 2006 to 2009, António Teixeira was Pro-rector for innovation in Distance Learning at Universidade Aberta. In that capacity, he conceived the strategy and managed the university’s successful and speedy transition process from a print-based distance learning institution to a fully online one.

From 2007 to 2009, he was a member of the Academic and Administration boards of Asia’s International Open University (UAIA) (currently City University of Macau) and of the Portuguese Rectors Council (CRUP) specialized committees on Scientific Research and Knowledge Transfer, and on Evaluation, Quality and Innovation.

Furthermore, he’s participated in the scientific and/or organizing committees of over twenty international conferences, namely the ED-Media 2011 (Local Chair), the EDEN 2008 Annual Conference, the EADTU 20th Anniversary Conference, in 2007, and the 7th Open Classroom Conference, in 2009.

From 1997 to 2001, he was the Evaluation Committee Rapporteur for University Programmes in Philosophy and also a invited speaker at the Portuguese National Council for Higher Education Evaluation – CNAVES.

In 2010, has received an EDEN Fellowship for demonstrating excellence in professional practice of open, distance and e-learning.

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