How does one become an ibstpi® Director?

Directors of the Board serve an initial term of three years, with a possibility of one or two additional three-year terms.

Practice has so far been that prospective candidates for the Board are either recommended by serving directors or are brought to the attention of the Board via Board of Directors’ professional networks.

A new director of the Board is selected based upon several specific criteria:

  1. The candidate has an outstanding reputation as a professional who is interested in and has contributed to the practice of instructional design; training and instruction; performance improvement; or evaluation either through research or as a practitioner.
  2. The candidate is willing to make a direct contribution to the Board’s projects to identify, validate and promote the implementation of standards in different domains relevant to the mandate of the Board, including participation in preparing and authoring the Board’s publications, participation in promoting the standards though presentations and workshops, as well as assuming responsibilities for various board operations.
  3. The candidate is willing and able to participate in monthly conference calls, currently conducted on the first Tuesday of each month, and attend at least two meetings a year of three days each, often including weekend days. Two out of three meetings are usually conducted in North America, but once a year they are held outside the US , often in Europe but occasionally also in Australia , Asia or elsewhere. Meeting times for conference calls may vary anywhere between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m. the next day, depending on one’s location on the globe.
  4. The candidate must be in a position to contribute financially to a proportion of the cost of participating in the above meetings, either through institutional or personal funds.
  5. The candidate must receive a majority vote of serving Board directors. Candidates are interviewed by a serving Board director prior to the Board vote on their membership. A new Board director is invited to at least one Board meeting before their official term as a director begins, which is January immediately following the approval by the Board of their nomination.