Academic Preparation

  • Ph.D., 1974, University of Michigan , Psychology
  • M.A., 1973, University of Michigan , Psychology
  • B.A., 1960, College of Wooster , Psychology

Selected Work Experience

  • 2008-Present: Professor & Chair, Adult Education and Higher Education Leadership, College of Education, Oregon State University
  • 2005-2008: Associate Professor, Adult Education and Higher Education Leadership, College of Education , Oregon State University
  • 2002 – 2005: Assistant Professor, Adult Education and Higher Education Leadership, new School of Education , Oregon State University
  • 2002 – 2005, Editor, Human Resource Development Quarterly
  • 1998 – 2001 Director of Research, AchieveGlobal, Inc., San Francisco
  • 1984 – 1997 Director of Research Services, Zenger-Miller, Inc., San Jose
  • 1973 – 1984 Senior Research Scientist, American Institutes for Research, Palo Alto

National and International Awards

  • Research Article of the Year-for 2004, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), May 2005: Russ-Eft, D. (2004). Customer service competencies: A global look. Human
  • Resource Development International, 7, 21
  • Outstanding HRD Scholar Award, Academy of Human Resource Development, March 2000
  • Times Mirror Editor of the Year (Research), May 1996
  • Award for one of the top 10 papers of the 1996, 2000, and 2002 AHRD Conferences.

University and Community Awards

  • U.S. Public Health Fellow, 1969-1972, University of Michigan
  • Departmental Honors, Psychology, 1969, College of Wooster , Ohio
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1968, College of Wooster , Ohio

ibstpi® Responsibilities

  • Evaluator Competencies
  • Instructional Design Competency Development Team

Research Interests

  • Evaluation in organizations
  • Human resource development
  • Learning and training

Selected Books and Book Chapters

  • Russ-Eft, D., Bober, M., de la Teja, I., Foxon, M., & Koszalka, T. A. (2008). Evaluato competencies: Standards for the practice of evaluation in organizations. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.r
  • Russ-Eft, D., & Preskill, H. (2009). Evaluation in organizations: A systematic approach to enhancing learning, performance, and change (2nd ed.). Cambridge , MA : Perseus.
  • Gupta, K., Sleezer, C., & Russ-Eft, D. (2007). A practical guide to needs assessment (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Pfeiffer.
  • Preskill, H. & Russ-Eft, D. (2005). Building evaluation capacity: 72 activities for teaching and training. Thousand Oaks , CA : Sage.
  • Preskill, H., & Russ-Eft, D. (2003). A framework for reframing HRD evaluation practice and research. In A. M. Gilley, L. Bierema, & J. Callahan (Eds.) Critical issues in HRD. Cambridge , MA.: Perseus.
  • Russ-Eft, D., Hurson, K., Pangilinan, R., & Egherman, T. (2002). Web-based leadership training: Determining success factors and effectiveness. In C. M. Sleezer, T. L. Wentling, & R. L.
  • Cude (Eds.) Human resource development and information technology: Making global connections. Kluwer: Boston .
  • Russ-Eft, D. & Brennan, K. (2001). Leadership competencies: A study of leaders at every level in an organization. In J. Raven & J. Stephenson (Eds.), Competence in the learning society. New York : Peter Lang.

Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • Taylor, P., Russ-Eft, D., & Taylor, H. (2009). Gilding the outcome by tarnishing the past: Inflationary biases in retrospective pretests. American Journal of Evaluation, 30, 31-43.
  • Taylor, P., Russ-Eft, D., Taylor, H. (2009). The transfer of management training from alternative perspectives. Journal of Applied Psychology, 94,104-121.
  • Russ-Eft, D., & Preskill, H. (2008). Improving the quality of evaluation participation: A meta-evaluation. Human Resource Development International, 11, 35-50.
  • Taylor , P., Russ-Eft, D., & Chan, D. (2005). The effectiveness of behavior modeling training across settings and features of study design. Journal of Applied Psychology, 90, 692–709.
  • Russ-Eft, D., & Preskill, H. (2005). In search of the holy grail: ROI evaluation in HRD. Advances in Developing Human Resources. 71-85.
  • Russ-Eft, D. (2004). Ethics in a global world: An oxymoron? Evaluation and Program Planning, 27, 349-356.
  • Russ-Eft, D., Atwood, R., & Egherman, T. (2002). Use and non-use of evaluation results: A case study of environmental influences in the private sector. American Journal of Evaluation, 23, 19-31.
  • Russ-Eft, D. (2002). A typology of training design and work environment factors affecting workplace learning and transfer. Human Resource Development Review, 1, 45-65.

Contact Information

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College of Education
411 Education Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: +1-541-737-9373
Fax: +1-541-737-3655