We encourage you to join the worldwide group of organizations that have become Registered Users of the ibstpi® Standards.

For a negotiated fee you avoid having to have each of your training, performance, and instruction professional have to purchase their own copies of the Standards by receiving unlimited internal use of the Standards Set for a period of 5 years.

You may then use the Standards internally to develop job profiles, design professional development plans, develop training programs, issue internal certifications, or for whatever purposes make most sense to your internal organization.

You may not publish these materials in places outside of your organization or sell services that use these Standards Sets under this type of agreement.

When you register, you receive the following:

  • A set of the Standards (Competencies + Performance Statements).
  • Copyright permission for internal use of requested Standards.
  • 10 hours of free consultation by an ibstpi Director during the first year of implementation of the Standards.
  • Permission to use ibstpi trademark in internal and external publications.
  • Option to place your organization’s name in our website.
  • Option to showcase the results of the adoption of the Standards in our website.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with ibstpi in research projects and publications.

 This has a cost of $1,000 per set for your type of organization.

Please note that the fee is for ONE SET of Competency Standards + Performance Statements.

Please complete the application below.