The International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (ibstpi®) celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2012. It grew out of the Joint Certification Task Force, which was established in 1977. This task force was composed of more than 30 practitioners and academics with expertise in training, performance and instruction, all of whom were actively involved in the Association for Educational Communications and Technology and/or the National Society for Performance and Instruction (now the International Society for Performance Improvement), the organizations that sponsored the task force. Over the years, more than 60 exemplary professionals have served as Directors in the Board.

All ibstpi activities are conducted to achieve its educational mission of promoting high standards of professional practice in fields of training, performance, and instructional technology through the systematic development, validation, and dissemination of professional competencies. Education on the competencies and performance statements creates better providers, users, and scholars in the fields that ibstpi serves. ibstpi makes materials available to the general public throughout the world free of charge to individuals and at low cost for organizations who wish to adopt our Standards.
These are some examples of how ibstpi competencies are being used:

  • Practitioners in the training, performance, and instructional technology fields use ibstpi competency materials for establishing personal benchmarks for their own professional development.
  • College professors include instruction on the ibstpi materials in their courses.
  • Audits of university programs benchmark against ibstpi standards.
  • Managers of organizational training and development programs use the ibstpi materials to guide the recruitment, assessment, and career development of the practitioners who work for them and the consultants they hire.
  • Consultants use ibstpi materials to learn the knowledge and skills they needed to meet expectations in other countries and to educate their clients about their capabilities.
  • Individuals who are considering entering the fields of training, performance, and instructional technology use ibstpi materials to learn about the field as the basis for making a career choice.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students use the ibstpi materials to guide their research (e.g., dissertations, course assignments).
  • Researchers conduct studies to further validate the competencies in diverse contexts or explore other emerging competencies as the field continues to evolve.

We welcome you to download our competencies, acquire the detailed performance statements, adopt them in your organizations and collaborate with ibstpi.