eric clearinghouseThis book highlights and discusses the contributions of Robert M. Gagne to the field of instructional technology. Section One presents the core concepts of Gagne’s theory and contains reprints of the following five journal articles by Gagne:

“Contributions of Learning to Human Development”
“Learning Hierarchies”
“Domains of Learning”
“Mastery Learning and Instructional Design”
“Integrative Goals for Instructional Design”

Section Two analyzes the influence of Gagne’s ideas from a variety of perspectives, including the following articles:

“The Impact of R.M. Gagne’s Work on Instructional Theory” (Patricia L. Smith and Tilman J. Ragan)
“The Impact of Gagne’s Theory on Instructional Design Practice” (Dennis C. Fields)
“Gagne’s Influence on Military Training Research/Development” (J. Michael Spector)
“Gagne and the New Technologies of Instruction” (Wayne A. Nelson)

The article comprising Section Three,Ā “The Future Role of Robert M. Gagne in Instructional Design” (Rita C. Richey), speculates on the extent to which Gagne’s work will continue to influence the field of instructional technology in the future, even with the growing influence of constructivist approaches to instruction. Each article contains references.

Appendices include: the American Psychological Association Scientific Award for the Application of Psychology, 1983; a bibliography of publications by Gagne; and information about ERIC. Includes Subject and author indexes. (MES)