The Training Manager Competencies (1989 & 2001) have been the product of many years of research and experimentation.

These competencies and their associated performance statements were developed through close cooperation by a group of highly respected professionals in the HRD field, and were based on research into the available literature, internal corporate documents, observations, peer reviews and evaluation.

The resulting publication defined “core competencies” for those in the position of training manager.

Instructional Design Competencies

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Training Manager Competencies

The Training Manager competencies and performance standards are again being revised. Global validation will take place in 2013.

In 1999 the ibstpi® board reviewed the training manager competencies and performance statements. It was apparent that in light of the changes in organizations, the nature of the training function and the HRD profession over the previous decade, the competencies and their matching performance statements needed considerable revision.

The Board commenced the task of revising them in 1999, completing it in early 2001. The revised competencies and performance statements were then validated globally with a sample of almost 500 practitioners in all regions of the world.

The Training Manager competencies and performance standards are again being revised. Global validation will take place in the second half of 2013, with publication scheduled following the completion of the revision process.

Training Manager Competencies

Competency statements only

training manager standards

Training Manager Standards

Competencies and performance statements

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