This paper describes trends and issues of university faculty development (FD) in Japan. In order to assure quality of university education, the Japanese government made FD a required activity in all higher education institutions in 2008. The most frequent FD activities include student questionnaire to evaluate university courses, observation of lectures among faculty members with a discussion session, and seminars and workshops on various active learning methodologies. As we go into universalization of higher education, more systematic effort in needed to accommodate less qualified university students, while maintaining a high standard as the diploma policy for graduation. Learning technology must be integrated into university education, as well as open resources that the network technology have made available for students, in order to improve and maintain the quality of our university education. An ICT utilization model will be proposed to differentiate roles of e-learning and e-portfolio systems to create a university with application emphasis over basic knowledge transmission.

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Suzuki, K. (2013). University faculty development in Japanese context. An invited keynote address at the International Conference on Faculty/Educational Development 2013, October 30-November 1, 2013, Qingdao, China.